Portrait Unveilings

We enjoy both private and public portrait unveiling ceremonies. Private portraits might call for a small event with the grandparents and closest friends or a big bash for those who really enjoy entertaining. The following photos were taken at the unveilings of several government, church, hospital, school or corporate events. Sometimes the artist is unable to attend. That was the case when Nash's portraits of Liz Huff and her husband Walter were dedicated at Monmouth College in Illinois recently.

Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich

Senator & Governor
Zell Miller

Mayor Ivan Allen Jr & Senator Sam Nunn

J. Mack Robinson

Alex Smith Esq.

Dr. Raymond Morrissey

Reverend Harry Pritchett

Dr. Donn Gaebelein

Mr. Milton Pickman

Mr. Jack Guynn

Governor Nathan Deal

Charles Busch

Jack Dalton

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