Thomas Nash as a Teacher

It is Nash's exposure to so many varied approaches to realistic painting (see Background) that makes him uniquely qualified to help other artists who might be struggling to reconcile what at times would appear to be contradictory advice. While still busy with portrait commissions in the late seventies Nash began teaching classes one day a week by popular demand, in his studio in Atlanta. He found that not only did he enjoy it, but also that it was very good for him, sharpening his mind and helping him to see what areas of his own painting needed attention. 'I am very proud that some of these same students from over twenty five years ago are today good friends and successful artists in their own right.'

In the early 80's Nash conducted a series of workshops, which included an informative workbook for all the participants. He then focused on his own work for nearly ten more years before returning to teaching in 1993 with a series of groundbreaking workshops throughout the USA. He was a pioneer in using video cameras to allow the class to see the palette and the painting simultaneously on television screens, even for groups as small as twenty people. He wore a cordless microphone as he assisted artists throughout the painting room, so that others might benefit from common challenges. At the same time, he was sensitive enough to use the mute button when the advice was more personal. The hand made, hundred-page book that all Nash workshop participants received has to this day never been published. It is not uncommon for Nash to hear from one of those artists that they still turn to 'the book'. Many have gone on to win honors and major commissions of their own.

Recognized as a strong proponent and champion of portraiture, Nash is often asked to speak at portrait painting seminars and conventions. Numerous invitations have led him to twice show his work on stage at New York's famous Carnegie Hall and to demonstrate the art of portrait painting to standing room only audiences at the Art Student's League of New York and in other forums. On October 15th of 2005, after a long absence from teaching, Nash will conduct a one-day painting Academy for the Portrait Society of America in Norcross, Georgia.



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