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"Portrit" Paintin' Blues

Well I woke up this mornin'
Had those portrait paintin' blues
Spent the whole deposit
But the job still wasn't through
I got the blues,
Portrait paintin' blues.

Now some folks think I'm magic
That there's nothing I cannot do
'Will you paint me in my new red dress
But ooooh, could you make it blue?'
That's easy to do
I'll make it portrait paintin'blue.

Sitter was frownin' but now he's talkin'
With a smile as big as a house
Then he wonders why, he like the eyes
But there's 'something wrong with the mouth'
That just won't do
So I got the blues.

Everybody's lookin'for a masterpiece,
One that's gonna last and last
Keep it in the family for centuries
'So tell me, can you paint it fast?'
That's not what I do
So I got the blues.

Now we're not talkin' orange
We're not talkin' green
When I woke up this mornin'
I felt a bit ···.Ultramarine!

Man said I love my picture
But I wish you'da made me TALL
Told him 'we can fix it
We'll hang it higher on the wall'
He Îs five foot two
In his shoes.

Some people don't like their features
Well that's all right with me, cause
With the light and pose I can fix your nose
And it's easier than surgery
And when I'm through
You'll be good as new.

This one prima donna had posed and posed
All week in my chair
Now she shows up wearin' a brand new dress
And she even changed her hair
She changed her 'do'
Now I gotta start anew.

Everybody wants a piece of you know who,
And I just wanta have a life
So like the cobbler's kids, who got no shoes
Got no time to even paint my wife
Said 'You'd better get to it, boy
You know what's good for you.'

Been livin' out the whole blue spectrum
Won't somebody help me please?
I've been Cobalt, I've been Cerulean
I'm on my way to Manganese!

I spent all those years in the art schools
To learn to paint, just what I see
Now all I hear is 'paint my picture
Just don't make it look like me'
But that's what I do!!!
I got the Portrait Paintin' Blues.

It's my Primary Hue
It's 'Portrit' Paintin' Blue
Still there's nothin' I'd rather do·!!
I'm a Portrait Paintin' Dude!!



She was learning to draw, before she knew how to crawl
The crayon evidence was on the nursery wall
Mama tried to wash away, this simple art
But grandma said keep it
Cause it came from the heart.

Oh, won't you look and see
A little artist growing in the nursery
Oh, another Georgia O'Keeffe,
Perhaps Mary Cassatt or Bettina Steinke

A brightly colored mobile right where she could see
And a window big enough to see the sky and trees
She looked around in wonder, and she felt so free
While checkin' out her world, there in the nursery.

Oh, won't you look and see
Soon it's more than stick figures and lollie pop trees
Oh, still hard to believe
Lines and shapes and colors and she's not yet three

A little artists's easel, Îneath the Christmas tree
Now she's on her way, said, 'There's no stopping me'
Could be a doctor or a lawyer or a beauty queen
But an artist was the only thing, she ever wanted to be.

Oh, won't you look and see
She's growin' up so fast it's almost frightening
Oh, was just a matter of time
She'd learn there's more to life than form, color, shapes and lines.

She met someone she loved who said please marry me
Soon she had some new responsibilities
She would change her plans and her priorities
And once again she'd find, she's in the nursery

Diapers and doctors now she's doing so much,
Still her easel and brushes are not gathering dust
She's gonna leave her mark, she's gonna have it all
She's still the same little girl from the nursery wall.

Oh, you better look again
She's won't have to worry Îbout what might have been
Oh, she's not yet through,
She knows there's not a lot a mother artist cannot do.

Oh, you better look again
She's never gonna have to worry Îbout what might have been
Oh, another masterpiece
And it all started the nursery.


Three Sticks of Luscious

This is a story from my younger days
When I sometimes questioned the choice I'd made
'bout to trade in my easel for the nine to five
When someone made me glad I chose the artist's life.

She had the kinda--- smile that would light up the night
She had the kinda walk that made what's wrong seem right
I'm tryin' not to stare but it was plain to see
She was checkin' out my paintings, she was checkin' out Me!

Now when she sat down in my chair, that's when I knew
That the colors I'd been usin' were just not gonna do
She had a special beauty I could not ignore
So I took out a box of colors I'd never used before

And I used··..
'Real Gold' when I painted her hair
Five shades of 'Beautiful' for everywhere
I needed strange named colors just to capture her pose
Like 'Cute Little Thing' when I rendered her nose.
I needed 'Deep Blue Attraction' for those beautiful eyes
They were drawin' me in like they were magnetized
I worked really hard, I used my finger tips
Took me three sticks of 'Luscious'just to paint her lips!

Now she and her portrait are both smilin' at me
When the real one said, 'I know you don't do this for free'
Then she gave me an offer that had never been made
Did not involve money, but I'd get paid

Now my cupboards been empty for a week or two
So what's a hungry but healthy young artist to do?
I know I'm just being tempted by flesh and bone
But even sidewalk artists can't live by bread alone

And so I said·..
Ya know I do this for a living' and it's not a game
And after all I don't even know your name
So won't you listen to my offer if it's all the same
Wadayathink, Would you consider··Wadayasay
We work it out on the FRAME??

Cause I used
'Real Gold' when I painted your hair
Five shades of 'Beautiful' for everywhere
I needed strange named colors just to capture your pose
Like 'Cute Little Thing' to render your nose.
I needed 'Deep Blue Attraction' for your beautiful eyes
They were drawin' me in, like they were magnetized.
I worked really hard, I used my finger tips
Took me three sticks of 'Luscious' just to paint your lips.

Now that's about all that I am gonna report
It's already too late to make this long story short
A couple final touches and I signed my name
Before I put it in the worlds most beautiful FRAME!

As she walked off that evening all the tourists could see
She had an arm around her painting, arm around me!
A little while later, I will tell you this
She painted 'Kiss Me Now Pink' ...right on my lips!!!!

Yeah I used...
Repeat Chorus

Portrit' Paintin' Blues

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